Illinois House Honors North Ridge State Champs!
NR BBall Honored

Illinois House Honors North Ridge State Champs!

Members of North Ridge Middle School’s undefeated Class 4A State Championship basketball team were honored Tuesday by the Illinois House of Representatives.  Team members were standing in the House gallery as State Representative Chad Hays of Catlin introduced the resolution honoring the team.
‘’These are a group of kids who have excelled not only on the basketball court, but in the classroom. If you went to a North Ridge game you would notice the sportsmanship,’’ said Hays.  ‘’Somebody’s knocked to the ground on a hustle play, they’re helping the other team back up – shaking the hands of everybody on the other team after the game.’’And Representative Hays noted for many of the players this is their last year at North Ridge.
‘’We couldn’t be more proud of you North Ridge – excellent job!  And just a fair warning to my friends around the state – Danville High School won its first Regional this year in sixteen years.  They have no seniors. – The undefeated State Champions join them next year!  We’re coming Danville – we’re coming!!’’

Members of the House unanimously approved the resolution honoring the team in a voice vote among lawmakers.

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