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Need Technology Help?

If you are having trouble with your tablet or laptop there are several ways to get help.

1. Contact your child's teacher. They may be able to solve your ploblem, or tell you who to contact to get further assistance.

2. Contact your building's CRP. At Garfield that is Mrs. Willer in the library.

3. Call Help Desk at 217-444-1583.


A few suggestions to get started:

A surprising number of issues can be resolved by power cycling the device. Before you call, please completeley shut down the device by holding the power button down until the screen goes black.  Wait a few minutes before turning it back on and checking to see if the problem is resolved.

The quickest way to get a replacement for a damaged device is to contact your students teacher. They will contact the CRP and/or IT to arrange a replacement device that can be picked up at the school.