History of Edison Elementary School

  • Front of Edison Elementary School Edison Elementary School was built in 1929.  Opening in 1930, it served grades kindergarten through six.  The building has two above ground floors and a basement level.

    There are approximately 200 students in this building that now houses grades Pre-K through 4th grade.  Currently there are two classrooms for each grade level, K - 4. Edison has a full time librarian, social worker, and music teacher,  as well as a part-time speech therapist, ELL teacher, psychologist, and nurse.  A kitchen manager, assistant manager, and three lunch monitors provide the lunch program.  Two full time custodians work first and second shifts.

    This brick building is located on the corner of Winter and Vermilion streets.  A nicely landscaped playground adds to the attractiveness of Edison's grounds.  Ornamental trees in the front of the building are beautiful and add to the landscaping, as well as a 75th Anniversary Memorial Garden.