• Danville High School Eligibility Policy

    Scholastic requirements set by IHSA and the Danville District 118 Board of Education (6:190) must be met:

    • Must pass 5 academic classes in previous semester to be eligible for an activity.
    • Must be passing 5 academic classes per week (5 credit hours) to be eligible. PE and Fitness Training are included as one of the 5 academic classes. 
    • Meet all other eligibility requirements of IHSA. Exception: Seniors in the Work Study Program must be passing 5 academic classes, which also include PE or Fitness Training or the current IHSA requirement.
    • Home school students may participate in extracurricular activities at Danville High School if they: 1) are taking 25 hours (5 classes) in an approved program; 2) are maintaining regular attendance in at least 1 class at Danville High School; and, 3) have paid all school fees. If the student is enrolled in 1 class at Danville High School but does not attend the class, they will not be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities.  
    • Cumulative grades from the first day of the current semester will determine whether a student is passing a course. 
    • The activity office shall check grades each Wednesday and publish a report to in‐season coaches and sponsors on Friday.  
    • The report that is published will run in effect from Monday through Sunday
    • Students who are academically ineligible for the week may practice with the team/group, but are not eligible for games, contests, or performances. Ineligible students may attend HOME events with the team and are allowed to sit on the bench, but they may not dress in uniform and must be in appropriate casual wear. 
    • On days when school is in session, ineligible students may not be dismissed from school
      early to travel to events with the team/group.

    Social Probation: If a student is on the social probation list, they can practice but MUST sit out one contest during the length of social probation. The student is not allowed to travel to away contest with the team while on social probation.


    Semester Eligibility High School

    • Must pass a minimum of 5 classes (5 credit hours) each semester in order to be academically eligible to compete in games, contests, or performances the entire following semester. 
    • All classes count towards academic eligibility. 
    • Students who are academically ineligible for the semester may practice with the team/group, pending approval from the Head Coach and Activities/Athletic Director, but are not eligible for games, contests, or performances. Students who are academically ineligible for the semester will not be issued a team uniform and will not be listed on any team roster or appear in any official team photo


    Daily Attendance & Practice/Event Attendance

    Students must attend a portion of the school day in order to participate that afternoon or evening in any extra‐curricular practice, game, contest, or performance, unless an excused absence has been confirmed by the Principal or Activities/Athletic Director.  
    Practice attendance:

    • Students wanting to be a member of extra‐curricular groups or teams are expected to attend all scheduled practices as set forth by the coach or sponsor. 
    • Any absence from a scheduled practice for a reason other than illness, retesting, or receiving special help from a teacher, shall be counted as an unexcused absence.
    • Whenever possible coaches should be notified of all excused absences at least 24 hours in advance. 
    • Each Coach or Sponsor within the framework of the team rules shall have in place requirements for practice and a step process to remedy as such. This would include: 
      • Participant meeting with coach/sponsor
      • Participant meeting with the parent/guardian
      • Possible participant suspension from scheduled contests
      • Removal of participant from extra‐curricular activity