• Transportation

    Garfield's students arrive and depart school by bus, automobile, and on foot.  Free busing is proivded for students who qualify. Parents may request a change in transportation by contacting the office at 217-444-1750.


    Change in transportation

    If you need your student to go home a different way one day please notify your child's teacher or the office. Please do not rely upon your child to notify us of changes to their transportation. Transportation changes are only accepted when submitted by an adult.

    If your need to change your regular transportation choice, please contact the office. If you need to change your transportation selection from walking/car-rider to busing, please notify the school in advance. There can be a dely in arranging bus transportation due to route modifications and/or limited avialable seats.




    Many of our students live close enough that they can walk home. 

    Students leave from the Gilbert street doors if they live West of Garfield, and the English street doors if they live East of Garfield.

    Students may be picked up by a parent from the school at the student's assigned door.  If you are planning on picking-up a walker in a car please park away from the school on your child's route home.  Do NOT pick-up students in the Garfield parking lot, heading north on Oak Street, or on English Street in front of the building. Following these simple rules make our dismissal more efficient and safer for all of our students.


    Car Riders

    You can arrange to pick up your child from the school in your car. All automobiles line up on Oak street heading south. A staff member will call your student out to your car and help them load. Please keep an eye out for our walkers and obey the reduced speed limit signs! Car riders should not be picked up in the school parking lot!


    Bus Riders

    Bus routes for eligible students are determined by our bus company, First Student. Students who ride the bus will be notified of pick-up/drop-off location and time after they have completed registration. 

    Bus Rules from First Student

    Please arrive to your stop 5 minutes early

    1. Be courteous and use no profane language
    2. Cooperate with the driver and monitor
    3. Do not be destructive
    4. Do not eat, drink, or smoke on the bus
    5. Do not possess or use any drug or alcoholic beverage on the bus
    6. Do not throw any object out the window
    7. Keep hands feet and head inside the bus
    8. Keep the bus clean
    9. Observe the same conduct as in the classroom
    10. Stay in the seat the proper way
    11. The driver, monitor, or a School official may assign seats

    Please follow these simple rules to help us safely transport all students of Danville District 118