• Garfield provides many opportunities for parents and families of Garfield Students to be involved in their education!


    Family Involvement

         Garfield Elementay has an open door policy for families. We love to have parents, grandparents, and even siblings visit and volunteer in their child's classroom.

         Possible ways you might volunteer in the classroom are:

    • Chaperone a field trip
    • Read a story to children
    • Help students practice skills in small groups
    • Make or purchase materials for the classroom
    • Share your job or hobby with the class
    • Assist with classroom parties

         We also offer a variety of family programs and events. 

    • Reading Night
    • Math Night 
    • Science Night 
    • College/Job Night
    • Seasonal activities

         Parent meetings on parent requested topics will be scheduled throughout the year.

         Please call the your child's teacher or the office for more information.


    PTA - Parent Teacher Association

         The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) would like to welcome you to Garfield Elementary! Whether you are a new or familiar face, we are excited about having you become      a part of the Garfield family. 

         This school year promises to be another year where family involvement is stressed here at Garfield. The whole school is committed to a working partnership between the      parents, teachers, and students. With this effort in place our students are bound for a successful school year. 

    About the PTA

         As the largest volunteer child advocacy association in the nation, PTA reminds our community of its obligations to children and provides families with a powerful voice to      speak on behalf of your child. 

         PTA meetings consist of fun-filled family activities and provide you with an opportunity to enhance the educational foundation of our children. 

    Why Join? 

         It is a benefit to your child! Your involvement in PTA provides you with an opportunity to work collaboratively with the school in building a firm education for your child.

         For only $5.00 a year you can play an integral part in your child's success at school. Consider joining us today!

    Some events the PTA has offered in the past:

    • Fall Festival
    • Christmas Craft Night
    • Bingo Night 
    • Spring Festival
    • Movie Night
    • Parent / Student Dance

    PTA Officers 

         President: vacant
         Vice President: vacant
         Treasurer: Melissa Willer
         Secretary: vacant
         Membership: vacant
         Staff Representative: Melissa Willer

    Some events the PTA has offered in the past:

    • Fall Festival
    • Christmas Craft Night
    • Bingo Night 
    • Spring Festival
    • Movie Night
    • Parent / Student Dance

    Family Council


         Garfield's Family Council is a time to share what students are doing in their classrooms, update parents on programs in the school, gain feedback from parents, and       answer questions regarding topics like report cards and TeacherEase.

         It meets several times a year and is open to anyone who is interested in affecting Garfield's future.


    District 118 - Ownership in Education (OIE) Committee

    Parents, teachers, and administrators gather a couple times each year to visit the OIE handbook and discuss policies in the handbook. Topics like dress code and discipline may be discussed. Revision are made for the following school year based on the committee’s recommendations.2-3 meeting dates each school year (typically in the Spring)