• About Liberty Elementary School


    The first Liberty School was built in 1887. It was located on the corner of Route 1 and Liberty Lane where McDonald's sits today.  The Liberty School District was originally a part of Burr Oak District, but the people felt they should have a district of their own.  They filed a petition and the site for the school was chosen by the most votes.  After debating about names for the new school, it was decided that it would be called Liberty because it had gained its liberty from the Burr Oak District.

    There were three Liberty school buildings placed on the original site.


    The last of the three was built in 1933 and was considered to be "one of the most beautiful and modern schools of Vermilion County" (Forrest Sloan, The History of Liberty School).


    Finally, in December of 1974 construction was completed on our current Liberty School.  The principal at the time was Mr. David Guiliani.


    He and his staff of teachers were chosen to organize Danville's first open-classroom school.

    Twenty-five years later, in honor of the school's birthday, teachers and students had a large celebration.  The celebration included a slide show with cake for refreshments. Students were all educated about their school's beginnings.  A flag designed by Mrs. Carolyn Marshall was presented as a gift to Liberty School.  Each student at the time signed his or her name on the stripes.  Staff each signed a star.  This flag can still be seen hanging in its place of honor in the library of Liberty School.