• Welcome to Danville School District No. 118!  

    District Statistics

    Number of schools: 11 (1 high school, 1 alternative school, 1 middle school, 1 upper elementary school, 7 elementary schools).  CLICK HERE to view the elementary boundary map.

    Vision of Danville Community Consolidated School District No. 118


    We envision Danville Community Consolidated School District No. 118 as an open, safe and caring school district for students, employees, parents, non-parents and community members. Additionally, we envision a diverse school district, free of bias, prejudice and fear, where all students and teachers utilize their skills to achieve the highest standards of excellence. We see a school district that is actively supported by parents, non-parents and the business community.

    We envision the academic achievement of our students, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or social-economic status, as the highest in the state. We perceive our graduates as being highly successful in higher education, in the workforce and in social and civic endeavors.

    We envision our employees as willingly participating in the decision-making process of the school district, and the Board of Education and administration encouraging and supporting that involvement.

    We envision high community satisfaction, as reflected in intensive voluntary involvement of parents, non-parents, the business community and the community-at-large in all aspects of the teaching and learning process. We perceive our district celebrating the diversity of opinions as a positive influence on the future success of the schools.