• Scholastic Bowl is open to 4th Grade students and takes place in the months of January and February.  Information regarding the Scholastic Bowl team selection process will be forthcoming.

    Being a part of this extra-curricular team should be considered an honor, and all members are expected to make a commitment to be at all practices and meets.  In addition, everyone is expected to represent Southwest Elementary in a positive way by following rules and exhibiting respectful behavior.


    Scholastic Bowl is set up in a "quiz show" format.  An adult moderator asks toss-up and bonus questions in the following categories:  Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, General Information, Vocational Education, and Fine Arts. Five team members will play at the same time, while the other five players rotate in the match.  The match consists of two halves with a three-minute intermission in between.  Typically Scholastic Bowl matches last one hour. 


    All Scholastic Bowl meets have been held on Tuesdays in the past, with bus transportation for students for the away meets.  Parents are responsible for picking up their children after all meets.  Scholastic Bowl practices are held twice a week and students must have transportation home from the practices.

    Please contact coaches with any questions you may have.