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Substitute Job Opportunities

Teacher - Teaching Assistant - Learning Resource Clerk - Secretary - Nurse - Food Service -Custodial 

There are many opportunities for substituting in Danville School District 118. 

CLICK HERE to apply for any of the above-mentioned substitute vacancies. 

If you need assistance with the online application or additional information on licensing, please call 217-444-1050.

Food Service substitute position inquiries: contact Zetta Piggott at (217) 444-1070 for more information.

Building and Grounds substitute position inquiries: contact Nancy Brown at (217) 444-1020 for more information.

Teacher, teaching assistant, secretary/LRC, or nurse substitute positions: contact Sierra Cortapassi  (217) 444-1050 for more information.  

Substitute teachers and teaching assistants must hold a valid Illinois license through the Illinois State Board of Education. The license must be registered with the local Regional Office of Education #54.  A nurse substitute must hold a valid Illinois Registered Nursing License.    

Substitute Job Opportunities