• Student Health Requirements for 2021-2022 School Year

    Pre‐K, Kindergarten, Grades 6, Grades 9, and all NEW students: All new students and returning students in Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grade 6, and Grade 9 MUST have an Illinois school physical and up to date immunizations. Until completed, students will not be able to attend school.

    Kindergarten and Grades 6, 9 and 12: Proof of the following is required BEFORE a student may start school:

    • Illinois Physical Exam – Pre-K, K indergarten, 6th Grade and 9th Grade

    • Diabetes screening

    • Lead screening - Kindergarten only

    • Vision exam by Optometrist – Kindergarten and students new to Illinois schools

    • Up-to-date Immunizations

    • DTP

    • Tdap - 6th Grade

    • Polio

    • MMR

    • Varicella

    • Hepatitis B

    • Meningococcal – 6th Grade and 12th Grade

    Sports: All students participating in sports must have an athletic physical.

    In August 2013, Public Act 098-0305 took effect. This act requires the IHSA to be given a CPR training video to post on its website so that staff at an IHSA-member school can watch it. The act also indicates school districts shall notify parents and encourage them to view the video, too. Since Danville School District 118 is a member school of the IHSA, we are posting the link to the following video for you to view.

    CPR Training Video: http://www.ihsa.org/Resources/SportsMedicine/CPRTraining.aspx