School Hotlines & Violence Tip-Line


    The Illinois State Police will administer the School Violence Tip-Line which will provide a means for students to report threats of violence and weapon violations on school grounds. The statewide toll-free number, 1-800-477-0024, will be physically answered at the Illinois State Police Communications Center in Springfield.
    Calls will be answered by state police employees who will forward the information to the local sheriff or police department and the appropriate ISP district. The local law enforcement agency will be responsible for notifying the affected school in the community from which the call originates.
    In the event that the caller is in crisis, the ISP telecommunicator will transfer the call to the designated mental health worker. The School Violence Tip-Line should not be used for emergency situations. In an emergency situation, call your local fire/police agency (911 if available).
    The School Violence Tip-Line will encourage students to speak up and tell a teacher, counselor, or administrator if they have seen a weapon or believe a violent incident is to take place.
    The Tip-Line is an option in those cases when the caller fears reprisal if the caller is considering committing acts of violence and is unwilling to sacrifice anonymity. 


    Hotline number for Danville High School ........................... 444-1535

    Hotline number for North Ridge Middle School  ................ 444-3493

    Hotline number for South View Upper Elementary  ........... 444-1812